The table below contains the coordinates of the important and/or difficult to find points on the "Egyptian Encounter" trip of February 2000. For an explanation of where these points are click here. Waypoints ending in two digits (e.g. CAMP16) relate to our position on that day (i.e. the 16th of February 2000).

Most of these waypoints were recorded using a hand held Garmin eTrex GPS. Those in bold (for big towns and cites) were downloaded from the Internet

Although I have taken care to ensure that these waypoints are correct no responsibility is accepted for the consequences of you using them.

You use them at your own risk.

If you wish to download the file containing these waypoints click here. This file and the GPS route maps were produced using version 3.39.1 of GPS Utility.

Garmin eTrex GPS
I  GPSU 3.39  REGISTERED to 'Stephen Stewart'
S DateFormat=dd/mm/yy
S SymbolSet=2

M E                WGS 84 100  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00  000  000  000


F ID---- Latitude     Longitude     Symbol--------- T O  Alt(m) Comment
W 007    N29°57.7701' E032°31.6113' Flag            I E      74 
W 21D1   N26°19.6312' E032°52.6758' Car             I E     212 
W ABU18  N24°05.2782' E032°53.6716' House           I E     301 ABU SIMBEL HOTEL?
W ABUSIM N22°22.0000' E031°38.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W ALEX   N31°11.8833' E029°55.1500' Flag            I E       0 ALEXANDRIA
W ARMANT N25°37.0000' E032°32.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W ASWAN  N24°05.2500' E032°53.9333' Flag            I E       0 
W BARIS  N24°40.0000' E030°36.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W BAWITI N28°21.0000' E028°52.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W BEAC20 N24°23.2218' E032°54.5298' Anchor          I E     100 FELUCCA CAMPING
W CAIRO  N30°03.0000' E031°15.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W CAMEL  N25°32.4712' E028°54.2136' Hunting Area    I E     158 START OF CAMEL RIDE
W CAMP16 N25°42.6763' E032°38.9329' Campground      I E     106 REZEIKY CAMPING
W AGIBA  N31°24.7812' E027°00.4065' Campground      I E      55 AGIBA BEACH MARSA MATRUH
W DAKHLA N25°30.0000' E029°10.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W DUST25 N28°58.0754' E032°20.9525' Campground      I E     340 CAMP NEAR ST ANTONY
W EDFUTM N24°58.7820' E032°52.4345' House           I E     174 
W ELALMN N30°49.0000' E028°57.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W ELKHRG N25°26.0000' E030°33.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W FARAFA N27°03.8495' E027°58.2861' Waypoint        I E      79 
W FATNAS N29°11.5596' E025°28.7498' Swimming Area   I E    -243 FATNAS SPRING FANTASY ISLAND
W FONTAN N30°03.7032' E031°14.9089' Lodging         I E      18 FONTANA HOTEL CAIRO
W HOLDAY N31°11.9389' E029°53.4299' Lodging         I E     -71 HOLIDAY HOTEL ALEX
W KOMOMB N24°28.7500' E032°56.6167' Flag            I E       0 
W LUXOR  N25°40.9999' E032°39.0001' Flag            I E       0 
W MARSAM N31°21.0000' E027°14.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W MUT    N25°29.0000' E028°59.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W NASSER N25°31.1135' E029°01.3773' House           I E     150 NASSER'S HOTEL
W PHILAE N24°01.0000' E032°53.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W PHILI  N24°01.4900' E032°53.0032' Flag            I E     -22 
W QENA   N26°10.0000' E032°43.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W RASGHR N28°22.0000' E033°06.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W SAFAGA N26°44.0000' E033°56.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W SAND11 N29°07.6633' E025°25.3916' Campground      I E      52 DESERT CAMP NEAR SIWA
W SAND12 N28°33.5982' E027°50.1844' Campground      I E     152 
W SAND14 N25°30.9052' E028°52.1974' Campground      I E     172 CAMP AT END OF CAMEL RIDE
W SIWA   N29°12.0000' E025°31.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W STANTN N28°55.7608' E032°21.0573' Information     I E     396 MONASTERY OF ST ANTHONY
W STON15 N25°03.7412' E031°13.3565' Campground      I E     510 WILD CAMP
W SUEZ   N29°58.0000' E032°33.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W SUNB22 N26°47.6847' E033°56.2137' Campground      I E      10 SUN BEACH CAMP
W TENEID N25°31.0000' E029°21.0000' Flag            I E       0 
W WOOD   N29°11.1958' E025°29.2033' Flag            I E    -179 COLLECT WOOD FOR DESERT
W HOTSPR N29°11.2948' E025°33.8514' Campground      I E      -3 HOT SPRING CAMP SIWA

F Latitude     Longitude     Date     Time     Symbol--------- T O  Comment
C N30°03.7203' E031°14.8906' 29/02/00 21:45:23 Anchor          - +  

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