Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

Road Trains.

Road trains are a feature of many Australian roads. Each "train" is up to 53 metres long and consists of a "prime mover" and up to four trailers. They usually travel at 100kph and give way to no one!

On wide tarmac roads road trains are an interesting addition to the traffic. On dirt roads they are a significant hazard. If possible it is best to pull over and stop well off the road.

You have ten seconds, starting now. (Don't forget there may be another road train behind you doing 100kph and you can't see it because of your own dust.)

T minus 10 seconds.

T minus 2 seconds.

T minus 1 second.


T plus 1 second.

T plus 2 seconds.

T plus 3 seconds.

T plus 9 seconds.

Don't forget there may be a second road train behind the first one. They like to travel together.