Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

Semi-Wild Camping.

Where do you park-up for the night in the outback is a question that nobody has yet asked me. But I'll answer it anyway. If it's the real outback there is no problem you just pull off the road. But if you are driving from say Darwin to Alice Springs (about 1500 km) and you don't want to pay for a camp site at a roadhouse (say €20 Euro per night) you can use some of the free roadside parking areas (cf. French Aires).

The most used source of information about these parking places is Camps 5 (Recommended).

Last night we stayed at a fairly typical roadside parking area selected from Camps 5 - the Attack Creek camping area (Number 90 above).

In case you were worried the attack in question took place some years ago.

A typical roadside camping area will be 30km from the nearest town/roadhouse, have space for between 20 and 50 vehicles and will start to fill up around 16:00.

Some sites have communal barbecue pits, and a few of the very best have free firewood (otherwise you must bring your own wood).

About half have toilets and a few have water (not usually drinkable).