Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).


For the last week we have "doing" trees. We have learned to tell our karri trees from our tingle trees (and even from our snottygobble trees).

We have driven through them on 25km long tree appreciation tracks.

We have stopped in the middle of nowhere to listen to local "Radio Tree". (There are about 20 very low power 100.0MHz FM radio transmitters along the route that each broadcast a different 10 minute loop all about the trees you are looking at.)

We have looked down (and up) at trees from a swaying 40 metre high "sky-walk".

We have stood under big trees.

And walked through even bigger ones.

We have camped amongst them.

We have eaten beside them.

We have even thought about climbing one or two (fire watch) trees.

We have appreciated art amongst the trees...

...Several times.

We have seen ironic trees (these three are made from re-cycled government reports on sustainable forestry).

And now we are back on the coast (with trees).