Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

A nice hill and a cave.

We spent last night in a rather pretty area near a cave in the midst of nowhere (S31.65943 E121.22261) at the end of a 50km dirt road.

Known, rather unimaginatively, as Cave Hill Nature Reserve there is a free camping area, a toilet, a few signs and little else. We saw only one other visitor whilst we were there.

To get here you turn west off the 94 at Widgiemooltha (S31.49635 E121.57945).

On our return we tried to take the track north (S31.60949 E121.30841) to Burra Rock but the low overhanging trees forced a retreat.

P.S. Yes we have just driven across the Nullarbor, well over 1500km of fairly straight tarmac road. Contrary to expectations because the road runs so far to the south of the Nullarbor Plain proper it was not very hot, there were quite a lot of trees, there were lots of flies and it rained.