Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

Good, better, best.

At the end of our crossing of the Nullarbor we intended to take the 200km dirt road from Balladonia to Condingup. Alas, when we arrived it was closed due to rain. So we had to take the longer and more boring tarmac road via Norseman to Esperance.

Esperance is nice relaxed town with several well packed camp sites and lots of "No Camping Anywhere Else" signs (Penalties Apply). There are reasonable beaches and a museum whose main exhibit is bits of the USA Skylab space station that fell nearby.

So after a visit to the supermarket we headed 50km east to Cape Le Grand, which has a nice whitish beach and great sunsets. Plus lots of other vehicles (well about 20).

After one night at Cape Le Grand we headed east for another 50km of dirt road to Cape Arid. Really white sand and almost nobody else. Recommended.

You can spend the day on the beach and camp a few hundred metres above the beach.