Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

More Outback?

We are now on our way to Coober Pedy, the Opal capital of Australia (so they say - rather too often). To get there we are driving the Oodnadatta Track across the edge of Lake Eyre South, where we have stopped for the night.

The white line behind Man is the dry salt pan at the edge of the lake. The water (if there is any) is 20 or 30 kilometers away. We are 5 metres below sea level, luckily the lake is 12 metres below sea level. Although this is a fairly important road there have only been two vehicles passed in the four hours we have been here.

To get here we have passed several signs like the one above telling us exactly which tracks are open and what type of vehicle may use them. (We are 7 tonne and Four Wheel Drive). Note the "Penalties Apply" line, that is probably the most common sign seen in Australia to date.)

We have also passed several scenes that could have been in MadMax (which was filmed not far away.)

Did I mention it was quite warm outside?