Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

Why go to Pooncarie?

If you look at a good map of Australia around S33.38686 E142.57056 you will find the "town" of Pooncarie.

It's a nice friendly little town with a shop (open on Sundays and selling fuel) an Out-Patients Centre a Hotel and a camp site (and don't miss the plaque commemorating the sealing of the Pooncarie to Wentworth road, opened by the late Slim Dusty).

If you do drive thru Pooncarie there is a good chance you have taken a 200km detour over unsealed roads to visit the World Heritage Site of Mungo National Park (The Willandra Lakes Region). Most famous for the "Walls of China" sand dunes (below), but most significant for the 50,000 year old burial sites of the oldest known fully modern humans outside Africa.