Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).


Hobart is a surprisingly pleasant town, but only when you have found somewhere to park.

We originally planned to stay at the "Showground" campsite 6km out of town but a quick look at it made us abandon that idea. We then planned to drive into the centre of town, park up for a few hours and then move on.

But we had reckoned without Hobart's parking restrictions anywhere near the harbour. Some parking requires a permit, some parking requires a voucher and some parking requires a ticket. Some parking is only for 15 minutes (without a voucher!). Naturally all Man sized parking was already in use.

Just when we had given up looking we found a delightful parking place within walking distance of the city centre near the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (S42.89645 E147.33229). Below is the view out of Man's window as I write. We plan to spend the night here.

Official signs explaining the history of a town are rarely amusing. Some of Hobart's are.

Sea Shepherd is in the harbour looking suitably piratical (just for Anne).