Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

A Dam Fine Camp Site.

This web page comes to you from Kosciuszko National Park at the Geehi Rest Area (S36.38447 E148.18163) or would do if there was any Internet access here.

One of our guide books recommends it as an overnight parking area. And quite right too.

When we first entered New South Wales we bought an annual National Parks Pass for about €30.00. Until now it has proved of no value, either it didn't apply (to the parks near Sydney for example) or we still had to pay the same fee to camp, pass or no pass.

But now it might just be useful.

This rest area consists of about 2 km of river side dirt road with two dozen private grass parking/camping areas and a couple of eco-toilets.

Five metres beyond Man is a river, with trout fishing.

And ten metres away a family of friendly, but wary kangaroos keeps watch.

Anyone who has been following our progress on a map will realise that we have now passed Canberra and you may be wondering why there has been no mention of Australia's capital city.

Most of the people we have spoken to were ambivalent about whether Canberra deserved a visit, but we thought we should spend at least one day there. However when we got to our chosen camp site they airily dismissed the possibility of a vacancy by saying "parliament was sitting".

So we just drove thru the centre and out the other side (nice roads).