Australia 2010

A circumnavigation (with risks).

See Sydney?

Finding somewhere to park in, or even near, a large city can be difficult.

There are three or four camp sites listed for Sydney, some of them more than 25km from the city centre. Luckily we were advised to use the one at Lane Cove. Excellent advice, to which I would add three recommendations.

1. Book (over the Internet or by phone, several days in advance).

2. Before you arrive stock up with all the food you will need for your stay (the nearest rather down-market supermarket (no fresh fruit and vegetables) is a long, hot, 3km walk away).

3. If you are using a SatNav to find the camp site read the "How to find us" web page carefully.

Costs are around €24.00 per van per night. With passable pizza available on-site some days (see above photo taken thru Man's open hatch).

Access to Sydney city centre is via bus or train from the impressive (and nearby) North Ryde station. A one week combined rail, bus and ferry pass will cost about €30.00.

It is many years since I was in Sydney and I had fond memories of the beautiful harbour with uninterrupted views of the bridge, opera house and old buildings.

If you go into town by train your first view of the opera house is as you cross the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Luckily, once off the train the view of the opera house is now enhanced by the cruise ships in the harbour.

And the majesty of the bridge remains undiminished when viewed from the Circular Quay.

As I recall it, the walk from Circular Quay to the opera house used to be rather boring with open views across the harbour. Now there are splendid shops and apartments.

I exaggerate (a little).

OK, there are still some good views of the Opera House left. But if you want to go in for a tour you may need Klingon technology.

If you get off the train at Milsons Point you can walk across the harbour bridge...

..or if you book you can do it the hard way.

Question: There are lots of these on the streets of Sydney, what are they for?