They froze it for James.

And the Price of Smoked Salmon.

If you follow the "1" ring road round Iceland to the South you will inevitably arrive at the 190m-deep Jökulsárlón (Glacial River Lagoon). This lagoon is full of icebergs calved a few years ago from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier ten kilometers in the distance.

The lagoon is connected to the sea, and at high tide it fills with seawater, which normally does not freeze. However if you are making a Bond movie and you want a dramatic frozen lake to drive on... can arrange for the lagoon outlet to be dammed. It then fills with fresh melt water from the glacier and then freezes. Simple really.

If you don't have this sort of budget you can just enjoy the icebergs floating past, and the odd (thousand) birds.

You can wild camp on either side of the lagoon bridge at Jökulsárlón, but the west bank is quieter (N64.04604 W16.18296).

Iceland's reputation for very high prices is no longer (in August 2009) deserved. Fuel and many foods are below UK prices. Although wine and other alcohol remain expensive.

  KR £ UKP € Euro  
Milk, 1 Litre 1.5% 98 0.47 0.56  
Salmon, two large cutlets 278 1.39 1.59  
Salmon, smoked 150gm 488 2.44 2.79  
Bread, large brown 422 2.11 2.41  
Salad, mixed bag 489 2.45 2.79  
Tomatoes 250g 299 1.50 1.71  
Bag, plastic 15 0.08 0.09  
Lamb, two steaks 1137 5.69 6.50  
Stephen Stewart.

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