Getting to Iceland.

Getting to Iceland from the UK with a campervan in 2009 is more complicated and a lot more expensive than it was in 2008! Smyril Line run a weekly service between Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Norway. Alas they no longer visit Scotland. This means an additional 1,659 km trip to Hanstholm in Denmark.

Getting one person and a 7.3 metre long campervan from Denmark to Iceland and back (via the Faroe Islands) costs around €2,500 (Euro) in high season 2009!

If you drive up the west coast of Denmark there are some attractive sand dunes and beaches. There are also lots of relatively expensive (€18 Euro a night) camp sites. Wild camping is not encouraged in Denmark (but the layby at N56.90225 E08.380119 looks like a possible wild camp for the night before the ferry leaves).

If you prefer a real camp site (complete with children's petting zoo, swimming pool, shop and hundereds of caravans) then Hanstholm Camping is only 8 km away from the Smyril Line ferry terminal (N57.118110 E08.596359).

Stephen Stewart.

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