A list of Comex "Old Hands".

The list of "Old Hands" who have taken part in one or more of the Commonwealth Expeditions (Comex), and its forerunner the Ten Tors Expeditions is stored in a simple Java Database to protect the email addresses from being harvested by "spamers"

When this database loads you will see an "About" box like the one on the right. When this appears (after about five seconds) click on the "Close" button.

You will need "Java" enabled for this database to work.

Take me to the list of "Old Hands".

If you are an Old Hand of the Commonwealth Expeditions, or of the Ten Tors Expeditions, and would like to add yourself to the Nominal Roll, please complete the following form.

Please note that it may take several weeks before this page is updated if I am away, sorry.

Given Name(s):
Family Name:
Expedition: e.g. Comex 3
Contingent: e.g. Yorkshire
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