A Pictorial History of The Commonwealth Expeditions - Comex.

(Part 1 of 4 - 2 3 4)

On, on, ever on, down the long dusty road,
Like a village on wheels rolling by.
The loo stops, the crew stops, the how-do-you-do stops,
I'll remember them all till I die.

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What's to do then?

Don't ask me!

Prince Philip inspects first contingent vehicle.

The Magnificent Fleet.

The Indian contingent leader meets HM The Queen.

Moving through Europe.

Camp in Manzaria, Iran.

Camp in Turkey.

On television in Lahore, Pakistan.

Arrival in India.

The welcoming Prime Minister - Jawaharlal Nehru.

Laying a wreath.

Comex dancers at the President's reception.

Prince Philip presents the first Green Pennant Award ('the little green flag').

Professor Arnold Smith (the first Secretary-General of the Commonwealth) presents a Green Pennant Award to the Governor General of Canada.

Zambia takes charge of the master model of the Green Pennant Awards (designed by Garrard of London and Hamilton and Inches of Edinburgh).

Kamal Kant Sharma and Promod Shanker play the Commonwealth Raga (Nannhey Harey Dhwaj or Little Green Flags).

People and Places on the
Long and Dusty Road.

Nottingham Camp.

The Route Map

Staging Post US Air Force Base, Frankfurt.

Vegetable market Zagreb.

A friendly game of conkers.

Overtaking in Greece.

Camp in Kavalla, Greece.

Roadside brothers.

A snowstorm in Turkey.

A friendly welcome everywhere.




Roadside assistance in Turkey.

A teashop in Turkey.

Family transport Black Sea.

Trabzon on Black Sea

Setting sun Turkey-Iran.

Mt. Ararat from Turkish-Iranian border.

Lonesome Road Turkey-Iran.


The Long Dusty Road.

The Long Dusty Road.

Checking the pulse.

A contingent kitchen

Food on board.


Citadel Damascus.


Double Decker bus Tehran.

Manzariah Camp Tehran.

Barbecue at Manzariah.

Looking over Tehran from Manzariah.

Strong men workout in Manzariah.

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